the theater school

Theater School teaches you how to act out different roles and how to feel comfortable on stage. We strive to establish a relaxed and joyful practice while we explore new ideas and immerse ourselves in the work, where improvisation is a cornerstone.

What you learn in Theatre School will positively influence a lot of situations in your life. You will be able to interact freely and to make presentations at school with more ease, just as you will be able to reflect in a broader way on society’s diversity and cherish this as a strength. We do a lot of fun exercises designed to boost your own self-esteem and creative ideas.

We train basic acting techniques. The body, voice and empathy are explored and developed, so as to act a character with profound vividness.

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You can join Theatre class in Billund from 4th -6th grade (klasse). We even have a group of English speaking pupils.

All the Theatre School groups meet at our annual Theatre School Weekend, where we have fun, train for the annual Show and spend the night at Billund Kulturskole.


For the older students there is an excursion.

The course consists of 30 weeks with double lessons.

Classes are held in the Concert Hall at the Culture School in Billund Center,

Hans Jensensvej 6 c.


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